It was the SoundCity Music Video Awards night and everyone was in tune with the great show, enjoying performances after performances, thinking it could only get better Not until, Kenneth Okolie, current Mr Nigeria, second runner-up, Mr World and UDR’s 2nd sexiest man, came on stage with current Miss Nigeria, Damilola Agbajor to present the awards for “Best cinematography”. In a bid to rouse the audience, he blurted out “Can i hear your hands up?” The hall was suddenly thrown into a comic frenzy as everyone had a loud laugh for close to two mins. The young man tried saving face by saying “English is not my first language” but that didnt help either,the crowd was having none of that, the sound of his first statement was still fresh in their heads and that seemed like a good way of sealing the great performances with a good joke, only that Kenneth never meant to joke. He was a laughing stock and that incident was taken to social networks, twitter, facebook and even black berry messengers in no time and people made their days lambasting and mocking the situation your social media marketing partner