He is a humour merchant, and has been around for a while, though he claims to be a 'very young' man! He never stops reminding everyone who cares to listen, that he ranks among the best in the comic world. His name is Bashiru Adekunle, popularly known as 'Bash' in the comedy world. He took us into his world. Enjoy the excerpts: Childhood My name is Bashiru Adekunle. I'm a comedian. I am the first in the family of four children of Engr. and Mrs. Ahmed from Osun State, Ilesha, to be precise. I'm an Ijesha boy. I attended Bright Bar Nursery and Primary School, then St. Finbarr's College, Akoka before I proceeded to The Polytechnic Ibadan where I studied Banking and Finance. Currently, I'm an undergraduate of Lagos State University, LASU. How I became a comedian I've always told those who care to listen that I'm not just a comedian, but also an entertainer. I'm jack of all trades and master of all. I was one of the best dancers in Lagos State, if not the whole of Nigeria between 1995 and 1997. We formed a musical group called the Unique Boys. I ventured into comedy between 2000 and 2001, when members of the team went our different ways for educational pursuits. Shows I've had I've lost count of the number of shows I've taken part in. They include: A night of a thousand laughs, Mtn Basketmouth, December to remember, to mention a few. I've supported almost all my colleagues. I've performed in all top shows in Nigeria and even outside the country. Relationship with other comedians I have a very good relationship with all my colleagues, but I'm closer to Kofi because he is like a brother to me. I'm also very close to Owen G, Ay and many others, but I'm closer to Kofi because outside comedy, he is also my brother. How I get my jokes I get my jokes from the street. I'm always on the street. Even if I grow bigger than Ali Baba today, I would still be on the street. My jokes revolve around the events I see around me everyday. I also read a lot, and listen to news. So, I get the content of my comedy from the environment around me. I must add that my charges are very affordable and considerate. I won't like to disclose how much I charge, but I'm very affordable and also highly considerate. Parents' reaction Like every typical African parents, they objected to my choice of profession. 'I send you go school, na Ali Baba you want go take my money do.' They did not support me at all. My dad especially, wanted me to be a banker, he wanted me to bag B.sc, M.sc, PhD, and so on, but I told him that much as I would want to be well educated, I wanted to be a comedian. As far as I'm concerned, the first degree is the most important for now. This is what I want to be and I'm still very young and I believe I will get there. Truly, my parents didn't take it lightly with me but now, I thank God today they understand what we are going through. Why I opted for comedy There is a saying that the problem with multi-talented people is chosing a career. The day I heard that quotation, I decided to choose one, and allow the rest to play along. I've met some fans who told me that my music is one of the best around; that I should keep it up. Some appreciate me as an actor, but in all, I just to choose one, and that incidentally, happens to be comedy. For now, I'm a comedian but I always tell people I'm not doing music because other people are doing it. I do music the way music is suppose to be done. There is no comic in my music; it is purely Bash the singer. That is why they call me: The Entertainer El'Classic, which means the classic entertainer. For my comedy brand, they call me the Comedy King Con. It is still because comedy requires nothing but music requires studio. Comedy requires only the microphone. My performance at the last Sisi Oge show (Okocha too dey repeat dribbles now-laugh) but basically, I always arm myself with a lot of jokes whenever I'm going for a show. I update with new gist, new plans and new slang. I grew up here, but I don't live here anymore. I'm always here with my friends and associates. So, I come here whenever I want to refresh. I hang around with my childhood friends. I'm always on the street everyday. I can continue rolling out jokes for the next three hours. I don't call it jokes, I call it gist. If you have listened to me, you will observe that my contents are realistic. They are things you see but never thought of giving a second thought. I am a street breed and I always like to be updated on a daily basis. I don't use Blackberry because I can't stand gist from internet. My gist revolves around things that happening daily. There are thousands of jokes around us within Nigeria from electricity to water, to local government, ministries, markets and many others. If you are opportune to travel to other African countries, you compare and contrast and get more than enough gist. I see jokes everywhere. Relaxation I relax by talking. I like arguments a lot. I don't drink, I don't smoke and I don't womanize. I can say it anywhere. I like playing games. I equally hang out with friends and I relax by dancing. Education & sponsorship My parents will continue to sponsor me as long as they live. It is not all by sponsoring you financially, but also morally and psychologically. You know as youth, I'm bound to make mistakes. Even if I'm richer than Bill Gates, it is still their responsibility to sponsor me. Even, if all they offer me is N1,000 and I'm making N1,000,000 everyday, they will still continue to sponsor my education. My parents are still part and parcel of my life. Marriage I don't want to talk about that. I'm single but, not searching. I'm seriously engaged. Dress code I was always in suits, but now I'm re-branding. I now wear casuals these days. When I'm going for an event I prefer to put on suits, although they've almost succeeded in giving me names because “even self they say if I'm going to swim I go there in suit. But now when I'm moving around I prefer putting on T-shirts and appearing in casuals. I want to be a fashion icon, the event will determine what I will put on. Favourite food Eba and obe efo (vegetable soup) The late Michael Jackson. In Nigeria, I will like to meet Gen. Ibrahim Babangida and Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. I need to sit down with them one on one and ask them some questions. They've taken some decisions that you need to see them personally and ask why they did.
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