Don’t bother to schedule an interview appointment with one of the best and outstanding VJs of this time Denrele Edun, if you are not ready to be playful. If you won’t be able to tolerate his humour and eccentricity; don’t just bother! ‘I was sick of the whole Charly Boy saga, everybody just kept buzzing me and talking about it. Different men were calling me non-stop and asking me out on date’. ‘Soundcity is the kind of work that swallows you up, you can’t have time to do anything else but I just said to myself, I’m a brand and would have to move on; I can’t be with Soundcity for ever’. ‘People have labelled me bisexual, heterosexual, transexual, and all that. If I answer that right now, what’s the point in clearing it. I want to be as mysterious as I want to. If I choose to marry someone of the same sex, it’s my business.’ your social media marketing partner