In spite of the risky job of policing the nation, most police officers still take some time off to catch fun and minister to their passion. So it is for Moremobo Akinboye, a 30-year-old Police Constable-turned musician.

The single mother of one from Ondo State started her music career when she was in her teens. The unique thing about this musician is that apart from singing, she also plays the saxophone, even as she is heartbroken. Akinboye narrates her story to Blockbuster thus:

“I attended Ebute-Metta Primary School and did my secondary school at Mobolaji Bank Anthony Grammar School, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. I later attended a Computer School, bagged a Diploma in Computer, worked for sometime before joining the Police Force.

I am interested in music, because music has been in me since my teens, I found myself in Nigeria Police band, I never knew they will give me the saxophone as I was the first lady to be given such instrument. It was my coming into the band that brought tremendous growth into it, and being the first lady in the band, the task given to me was great. But it has brought me into the limelight. So, I am the first woman to play saxophone in Nigeria Police band. I perform as well as engage in my official duties, it does not disturb me either. When I am not at my duty post, I am playing the sax, and my love for it grows by the day. I have completed work on my album but I need assistance to bring it out.

Why my marriage crashed

“I am not married but have a child for a man. His decision to take another woman made him to discontinue his relationship with me. He went and got married to someone else, but there’s nothing I could do to remedy it. Right now, I am looking for a husband.

The marriage crashed due to family problem. His family and mine did not agree to the marriage, he is from Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State while I’m from Ondo, and being an Ijebu man, my people said Ondo girls can’t marry from Ijebu, and so came the crisis. I did my best to make sure that the relationship worked but to no avail. His family made sure it crashed as they fought me and made sure we were not together.

Eventually, we separated. Later, I asked him if he has been planning to marry another lady, he said no, and I don’t have the will power to stop him, and since he did not wed me, nor give me a ring as his wife, there was nothing I could do. I took my child, and left him. My daughter is just three years old. The marriage was not up to one year, before it hit the rocks.”