Mosun Filani gives reason for taking break from acting

Popular Nigerian actress, Mosun Filani has disclosed that she took a break from acting to be able to concentrate on her children.

The screen diva has been off Nollywood for several years but recently returned to the movie industry.

Shedding light on the reason for her absence, Filani who said she prioritises her children, noted that she sacrificed her career to raise her children.

The actress mentioned that business was never a priority for her.

The actress stressed that considering the current social media space, she had to ensure that she trained her children up to the university level.

“Business was not my priority. I decided to take that break. I took a long break for the kids to grow up. For how long do they stay with us? When a child is in the University, he or she is no longer under the parents’ care, take it or leave it.

“So, how many years do you have to spend with your children? To train them?

“Some people are even alleging that they are the ones releasing their sex tapes, just to have followers. Let there be a scandalous post about anyone and see the massive growth that will happen to his/her Instagram page.

“That aspect is one that bothers me a lot,” she stated.