Sometimes you need to take a hiatus from seeing the same old story line so you try something new and different. However, after some time, new and different gets to become a bit tasking and you seek familiarity, and that’s what this movie is: familiar.

Yes, most of us could have written this by ourselves. Moth To A Flame is a romantic story of a young lady, Joan played by Kiki Omeili, whose family is going through hard times. With her father in the hospital and a mountain of debt to tow, she has to figure out a way to contribute to the family and solve some problems. So she takes on her father’s old job and becomes a taxi driver.

During one of her first trips (very conveniently) she meets a young man, played by Femi Jacobs, stranded at the corner of the road in need of a ride back home. She picks him up and takes him home only to discover the next morning that he forgot his wallet in her cab. She goes to return it and he offers her a job as his personal driver.

If there’s anything original about this movie (and mildly so, at that), it’s all the female empowerment going on. The female taxi driver and then the female personal driver and so on and so forth. Asides from that, I hate to say that it is as formulaic as a romance storyline gets.

However, it doesn’t bore with its formula. There might not be a plethora of chemistry between both Kiki and Femi on screen but it is decent enough to keep the storyline going. The little nuances in their performances add a little humor here and there. Shaffy Bello as the stereotyped wealthy mother-in-law figure does come off a bit forced and excessive at some places. However, all in all, the performances come together to create a warm appeal.

There’s nothing new here. It is a series of convenient events that all total up to that very obvious happy ending but I don’t know who would go into this expecting anything else.