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Taiwo Aromokan is one of the fast rising actresses in the Yoruba movie genre. Her roles in Emi ni re Kan, Aya wa ni, Girigiri and Sunday Omo Adugbo shot her into limelight. A lot has been written and said about her alleged romance with top Yoruba actor,Odunlade Adekola which was reported to have wrecked his marriage and led to deep rancor between her and fellow actress,Mosun Filani. For the first time, the delectable actress opened up on all these allegations. Excerpts from the interview; A lot has been written about your romance with Odunlade Adekola but you have not responded. What’s your reaction to all these allegations? Yes, so many people write a lot of rubbish about us but I don’t care. I can remember a song by gospel artiste, Tope Alabi, Angeli Mi.Yes, Odunlade is my angel. God will definitely not come down and help you but would send somebody to you. And most of the times, he sends the opposite sex. That is what Odunlade is in my life. He is like a sent angel in my life. It was reported that the wife was not comfortable about your closeness and was angry with you. What”s your take on that? The wife is equally my close friend. I think I will also give kudos to Odunlade himself. He is a man of his house. He is capable of handling his home front. He made his wife understands the nature of the industry. And that prepared her for all the rumours.I am sure she is not moved by stories anymore. We still saw after the reports and I told her I am not moved by that. The wife is cool about it. It was alleged that his first date was Mosun Filani before you came into the picture and that it has caused a rancor between you and her. What’s your take on that? It’s not true.Mosun is my favourite actress. I tell people that I respect Mosun Filani and Funke Akindele so much. If it’s true that she was angry with me because maybe she was once rumoured to have dated Odunlade before I came on the scene, she wouldn’t have graced my location on December 25, 2010. I gave her my script at the location and told her she was working for me. She said ok; let me have your script. She would not have accepted it if there was any rancor between us. I don’t like working with people I am not in good terms with. But because there was no rift between us, I gave her my script and she honoured it. Has Odunlade ever asked you out and if he does, what would be your response? (Laughs) Yeah! Odunlade Adekola is a man. To be frank and be sincere with you, he is the dream man of every lady. It’s the dream of every lady to have Odunlade as a husband but he is married with two two wonderful boys. If he was not married, probably I might know the right answer to give. But for the fact that he is married when asks, the answer will be no. I must be sincere with you; I give kudos to his wife because I know what obtains in the industry. She is trying.
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