The craze for political office is increasing as even a popular actress has joined the band wagon. Something big muust really be happening in the political world to make an actress who has acted lolo (chief’s wife) so well producers usually left the role for her as if only she was destined to play such role, to abandon acting for politics. People even forgot her real name. The actress, Oby Okafor, popularly called Lolo, is vying for position of councillor in Ajeromi/ Ifelodun Local Government Area of Lagos State, in the October council polls on Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) platform. Oby, who starred in Living in bondage, Battle of Musanga, Taboo, The die is cast, Vulgar, The Living Ghost, Do or die, Red Candle, Betrayal, Turning Point, Afifia Uguru, among others, said because of her interest in politics, she stopped acting so that she would focus on how to become a councillor in Ward H. Oby said Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) was her role model while she wants the former governor of the state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to be her godfather. The die- hard member of ACN disclosed that she contested the primary in same Ward in 2007 and lost to Emeka Mordi. Oby, who also claimed to be the best welfare and caterer in Nollywood, said this was her God-chosen period to become councillor in Ward H. The actress wanted other aspirants to forget about the position because God had chosen her for the job. On her role in Nollywood, she said: “I have starred in so many films. I cannot even remember all their titles. They are so many. How many will I remember? Apart from films, I was also a caterer for actors and actresses in some films. I also offer such catering services to people at events such as birthdays and marriages. I am the best welfare officer Nollywood has ever produced. I had to quit because people later came and were cooking rubbish and nonsense food. When actresses and actors asked: Who is the person in charge of welfare? If they mentioned my name, all the stars would want to eat the food.” Lolo gave reasons for her decision to contest: “It has been long I acted because of politics .Since the past six years, I have not acted. I have since been into politics. In 2007, I contested as a councillor in Ward H in Ajeromi/Ifelodun Local Government Area. I contested on the platform of ACN. Since then, I have been an active financial member of the party. Now, I still want to contest in the same Ward H. Emeka Mordi defeated me in 2007. We were in the same party. Luck was on his side then. Why I want to be the councillor is because I want to show the people of my ward what democracy is all about, performing to make them happy. I have to dedicate myself to their happiness and use my little influence as a popular actress to usher in development in the ward. My people must feel the impact of democracy. My governor, the best in present day Nigeria, Babatunde Fashola (SAN), has set the good pace in Lagos. We, who are contesting as councillors, should also go there to perform and not to just acquire wealth. As an actress, I have made money and I have seen money. I have seen women that made names like Oluremi Tinubu, Florence Ita- Giwa, Dora Akunyili, among other women. I want to also carve a niche for myself in politics. I want to make Ward H a mega ward so that other wards will envy or imitate us if they can. There will be no dull moment at all. We will have lots of activities. The former councillor had done his best but mine would be different. So, people can compare and point to the better between us. My Ward is like a mini-Nigeria. It is non-indigene tribe. God is my sponsor but my role model is Governor Fashola but I want former governor, Chief Bola Tinubu, to be my godfather. Tinubu is the national leader of ACN. We respect him so much. He is the father of the party. He is a man of timber and calibre. As for Fashola, he has no comparison because he has done and he is still doing well as a governor. We shall keep on praying for him,” Oby said. your social media marketing partner