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THE video shoot of Hakym The Dream’s new video Scoobi Doo that featured rap sensation Eldee and Karen Igho, winner of the last edition of the Big Brother Afcrica show in a cameo appearance may have started gathering ontroversy even before its planned release on November 1. The video is being released on Serengeti Music. What went down on location of the shoot has pitched music video director, Clarence Peters and Eldee against each other. They reportedly do not see eye to eye anymore after the incident. Everything was fine on that fateful day as revealed by a source present at the location. Karen came very early to set. She arrived at 10am, Eldee was billed to show up by 3pm and when he did, Clarence shot his part quickly because he had said earlier that he was busy with the Hennessy Artistry Show. Eldee finished his part in two hours and left. Karen who had only done her first few scenes by then began to act up, saying she's has to go because she came early and she “is a star too”, and Clarence was not treating her like one. She consequently took off her costumes and walked off the set but was later persuaded to come back by her friends to finish the shoot. The Tsunami later came when Clarence was editing the video after the successful shoot. Hakym and his team were pleased with Clarence's work, but Eldee saw the first cut and said he didn't like some part of his verse because according to him, the bumps on his face were too conspicuous. He said he was trying hard to protect his (fine boy) image, so to him, its better Clarence uses only one shot than allow his bumpy jaw to show. He blew his tops saying Clarence should know better as he is a director. “You are supposed to cover it (bumps) with make up or take a less tight shot,” he fumed. Clarence took him up too accusing the rap star of always picking holes in almost everything and, that he is not supposed to complain because it is not his video. “If the owners of the video are satisfied, then I have no business with Eldee,” he retorted. The director was over heard by a source telling whoever cares to listen that Eldee has other videos where his bumps showed yet he didn't complain. He said he has no power to change Eldee’s skin texture and the rapper should make do with the job as it is, as he cannot use computer to change Eldee's skin and “besides I have just a few shots of Eldee that doesn't have the bumps, he is not going to make my video boring and jeopardize my work because Eldee has bumps,” he fumed. The source fingered ego as the root cause of this tussle between the two talented young men. He revealed that the duo may have had a run in before the Hakym The Dream’s video as they were exuding so much negative vibes against each other because Clarence vowed never to do any alteration on the video. He was however prevailed upon by friends and he turned the shot that showed Eldee’s bumps into multiple shots to reduce the focus on artiste’s face. So watch out for Eldee’s bumps in Hakym The Dream’s Scoobi Doo video.
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