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Nollywood actress, Bisi Komolafe has featured in many Yoruba home videos and has produced films like Latorunwa, Oka, Igboro ti daru and Bisi Macherano ( which is yet to be released). The Osun State indigene, who is at present studying Business Administration at the Lagos State University, in this interview, speaks on her fashion preferences. Excerpts: DEFINITION of style. My definition of style is wearing what fits me and what I am confortable in. I believe in dressing to suit each occasion so, it is where I am going that determines what I wear at every point in time. Some times, I follow fashion trends, especially when the style is in vogue and it is catching but at times, I don't. My style is simple but cute. Beauty regimen. Just normal everyday thing, I take my bath and rub any good cream on my body. I don't have any special beauty routine and no make-ups too. I don't use make-ups because I don't feel comfortable with it at all. Diet/exercise. I try not to eat too much and I do little exercise now that I am adding weight because my fans are comp-laining about my weight. Favourite designers. LV, Zara and Gucci. Choice of accessories. Sometimes, I love long dangling earrings . I love wearing gold when going for occasions but use costumes jewellery at location because of the fear of misplacing it while jumping or rushing from one place to the other. I love all kind of shoes, I love high heels, sandals and trainers, depending on what I am wearing and where I am wearing it to. I love trainers because it makes me look like a man. I like big bags and purse too. Favourite colours. Blue, white and pink. Favourite perfume. Gucci and Kenneth Cole. Accessory I can't do without. None. Special treat. I take chilled wine in the jacuzzi or pool. For relaxation, I listen to music or travel. Most expensive item in my wardrobe. My jewelery. Fashion icon. Genevieve Nnaji and Bukky Wright. Opinion on toning. Toning is different from bleaching. If you are a fair lady, you can use a lightening cream to maintain your skin because of the sun, but I am not in support of bleaching. I hate bleaching. My take on cosmetic surgery. Ahahh! I don't think that is meaningful. Cosmetic surgery is not a good idea. The pierce I have in my ears were the ones my mum did for me when I was a baby. Taatoo? Count me out. I can’t imagine scratching a Bentley. Provocative dressing. One needs to be decently dressed, it goes a long way. However, if you have to dress provocatively on TV, it is still allowed because one is just interpreting a role. I love dressing decently. What I won't be caught dead wearing. A very transparent cloth My hair and nails? I fix mostly straight long weavons because I love to be simple, I hate to be wild, I don't like fixing my nail. I love to keep my nails and make them long so I can paint them. Secret of beauty. No secret ooo! What I will like to change about myself. I want to go back to my former stature ( lepa). The craziest thing I can do for fashion. Pierce my nose.
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