Like a cat with nine lives, Chyme HD cheated death when sickness kidney and liver failure took him out and back to life within seven minutes, he took it upon himself to tell the world about his pains and suffering through music. Fulfilling that, the Port Harcourt young up and coming artiste has released a single he titled 'Killin Me Softly.' With lessons learnt from rap icons like Rakim, Notorious B.I.G, DMX, Bone Thugz n Harmony, Ludacris, MI, Ruggedman, Trybesmen and many others, Chyme HD believes he will surely be a Supernova in the game. His emergence into the music scene could be underrated as in the case of many upcoming acts but listening to “Killing Me Softly” is guaranteed to appeal and make way to more great music from him which will blow him up to brightness like the ‘Supernova star he is. Click the link below to go to... NOLLYWOOD ACTRESSES AND PASTOR ITUA IGODALO FIGHT DIRTY INSIDE CHURCH Sexy Actress, Eucharia Visits New Lagos Police Commissioner Controversial Rapper, Muna Abii Slaps Ayo Shonaiya Over Mode 9 Feud STAR ACTRESS PATIENCE OZOKWOR SEEKS COURT INJUNCTION AGAINST SON your social media marketing partner