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The name might not quickly ring a bell but this tv personality Tayo has made remarkable exploits as a TV presenter is a sexy dancer and a model too. Her incursion into Nollywood has been so flourishing that she has started releasing her own movies. For almost a decade this damsel has been up and doing with so many things. The beautiful lady was once rumoured to be dating Olu Maintain, she has just denied it saying that Olu Maintain and her are just mere friends. ‘’ Olu and I are just friends, in fact, I have not even seen him for sometimes now. People have been saying it that we are dating but it’s not true. Recently, Sola has been busy with something, she has just finished work on her first movie, Arewa Oni Jogbon, starring notable stars such as Rachel Oniga, Akin Lewis, Sanyeri (Olaniyi Afonja) and others. The latest flick is already generating so much interest on Youtube. “For me, I won’t manage quality, I won’t even think less, I go for the best” she said with confidence. There are some producers who will not give you a chance as an actress if you are not ready to sleep your way, the issue of sexual harassment in the industry is ready just that most people shy away from talking about it.” She said Explaining further, Tayo said she would have taken acting as serious stuff about ten years ago but she had to walk out because of demands by some producers and actors to sleep with her for a movie role. ‘’Now that I can do my own movie, I am ready to step up my game without having to sleep with anyone just for a role.
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