The movie industry in Nigeria, no doubt, is being run and made lively by female actors. Left to the male folks in the industry, there wouldn’t be much to write or say about the Nigerian film industry. Most scandals being reported in the media on Nollywood, as the industry is also called, mostly centered on actresses. If it is not about an alleged s3x scandal, it will be about one actress fighting one another over a man or an actress snatching another actress’ or woman’s husband, which is almost becoming the order of the day. While those who have rocked the industry in the past are getting tired due to old age and request for fresh blood by some rich and money bags, who find pleasure in getting down with actresses, keep increasing, new faces are taking over to fill the vacant spaces left by their ‘seniors’ in the ‘game’. Here are the hottest Nollywood actresses ruling the industry at the moment. These 10 up and coming stars have intimidating features that attract them to men. They are young, light in complexion, attractive, pretty, have the necessary body features, but not necessarily talented. They are presented below in no particular order; your social media marketing partner