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Female singer, Modupe-Oreoluwa Oyeyemi Ola, better known as Mo’Cheddah has accused women in Nigeria of being the cause of their own downfall. Mo’Cheddah made this declaration recently while airing her view on issues relating to the female folks in the country. She wondered why women treat themselves with hatred, tasking them to work for the success of others rather than pulling them down. In her words, “Let's say the truth about this make being female in Nigeria trend. Women make being female in Nigeria hard for other women. “A female would hate another female for no reason at all and would do everything in her power to put her down. “If women can stand up for each other the same way they are passionate about this hash tag; being female in Nigeria would be so much easier. Women have the power to run the world but we choose not to; instead we exhaust our time and resources on pettiness.”
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