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Nollywood actress and 2007 winner of Amstel Malta Box Office, Eberechukwu Nwizu, well known as Bayray Mcwinzu, has kicked against the infusion of compromising scenes in Nigerian movies. The actress explained that as a filmmaker, any good movie should have a message it sends out to the society, stating that it is wrong to add an element of sexual appeal to films when they actually do not have any place in the storyline. Bayray said she might not partake in any movie with such scenes after going through the storyline. “I will not endorse it but I am also a realistic person; it depends on the storyline. There are some things that are expected of a particular scene,” the actress said. “You cannot afford to run away from it. If I am not comfortable with a scene, I tell my directors. I have always had a very cordial relationship with my directors,” she further said. After a long break from the make-believe world, Bayray explained that as an actor, formal education is needed to enable one understand the different types of kisses. The actress said actors should know the basics, which will help them interpret their scripts. According to her, there is the ‘in love kiss and the ‘I cannot do without you’ kiss. She added that when the tongue of an actor shows in a film, it means the director is trying to tell a sexual incident.
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