Winner of the 2014 edition of Laxento, Chinaza Cynthia Okoli has advised models in Nigeria on how to be successful in the industry. Chinasa, an undergraduate of University of Lagos (UNILAG) from Anambra State, in an interview with claimed that Nigerian models are half baked. She also spoke on other sundry issues. Excerpt; How did you get to know about Laxento Hmmm!!! Actually, I wasn’t the one to go for the pageant, it was my elder sister that was meant to go, but she had to go to school to write her exams. So, she came to me and told me to represent the family and make the family proud, which I accepted. Did you think you could win Yea!, I used to imagine I would be a beauty queen and I worked towards it. Who was your greatest threat during the competition and why I knew I would be asked this question. My greatest threats were Betty Otchere and Halima Raham, the runners-up of the competition. This was because they were also very good, beautiful and had the necessary qualifications to win the contest. What do you intend to do with your present position Well, there are lots of things I intend to do during my one year reign as the face of Laxento 2014. For a start, I intend raising other models, grooming them to know what it takes to be a model. Like we all know, modelling is a borrowed thing, but still we mix it with traditional modelling. In foreign modelling, you see ladies exposing their body parts, while our style of modelling frowns t that. I will love to raise models who will know the rudiments of modelling in Nigeria. Nigerian models are half baked. How do you mean Well, when I say Nigerian models are half baked, I mean there are criteria judges look out for in a model; beauty and body shape, these are what Laxento looked out for before choosing a queen. Why did you partake in the pageant Well, I had always dreamt of being a model right from when I was much younger. Hearing of this platform really did inspire me to put my dream into reality and here I am today. All thanks to God. your social media marketing partner