Pretty Osas Ighodaro was indeed a beauty queen right even before she was crowned Miss Black USA few years ago. The sexy bride-to-be of actor, Gbenro Ajibade, in a recent interview, shared how her relationship with her Tinsel co-star blossomed from a mere television love to reality and how he became her driver for months. "Tinsel had me in a hotel and I didn’t have a car. Gbenro took me to different places. He was just nice. He is very nice, kind, loyal and overprotective of his friends. When my contract with Tinsel ended, I asked myself ‘Are you sure you want to go back?’ “Another deal breaker was that I got into a relationship with Gbenro. My parents were happy because all I dated in the States were African-American men. But I didn’t come to Nigeria for that, I came here for six months to work. My relationship was an unexpected bonus." She also spoke on how she was bullied in school when she was much younger. "As I got older, I suffered low self-esteem. I was picked on when I was in school by a black girl. Her name is Monique, can’t ever forget her name. She would always pick on me, ‘You African, you are ugly.’ She would always make fun of the way my mum plaited my hair. I didn’t feel pretty as I got older, I wasn’t proud of who I was. “My dad sent me to modelling school and I did that for a year. After I graduated, I got a postcard in my mail to take part in a pageant and my dad encouraged me to enter. I said to myself, you can make money for this; participating in pageants? I did pageant after pageant and saved everything I made. I also had a receptionist job every Saturday morning up till I finished high school," she recalled.© your social media marketing partner