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Beautiful TV personality cum actress, Juliet Mgborukwe has carved a niche for herself in Nollywood as one of the faces to watch out for. Although, she’s has been heartbroken and as well suffered a broken marriage, the sexy role interpreter still believes in love and wants an ideal man from the book of Proverbs. “My ideal man is the man in the Book of Proverbs. A man who will let me live my dreams, shine without being intimidated and be proud of me just like I am of him; that is a rare species. For me, love means selflessness which is giving yourself solely to the happiness and well-being of others. I have had my fair share of heartbreak. Really, it has a very bitter taste.” Just like other actresses who had lamented on the being victims of sex-for-role which is rumoured to be quite rampant in Nollywood, Juliet wasn’t an exception. She stated her take on the cancer worm eating deep into the Nigerian film sector, “It is an unpleasant situation; very unpleasant I must confess. I have faced such scenarios before but I never gave in. You see, for me, acting is a passion. I am not desperate for roles; not at all. I have turned down such offers and I am glad I did. I won my award based on sheer credibility so I don’t see why I should sleep with anybody to get a role. That would be belittling myself; it is like the Esau Syndrome which is selling your birth­right for a plate of porridge. The movies I have featured were based on merit. There are still good producers and directors out there who want to make real movies with excellent cast and those are the kind of people I have been working with,” she said.
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