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He embraced fame 4-years ago, after he was crowned Mr. Nigeria, 2011. During his reign, he engaged youths at seminars at a talk show tagged’ Stand Out With Deji Bakare’. Luckily for Deji, he stayed afloat in the entertainment sector without any form of scandal attached to him. In a recent interview, the Isale-Eko, Lagos State born model revealed that even though he lost his privacy, his childhood friends and it became difficult to visit certain places, he was never discouraged He also maintained that he wasn’t ready to create any form of scandal to stay relevant in the industry as some of his colleagues do. “I stay scandal-free by keeping myself busy and minding the type of friends I keep. I give my parents credit for the way I was brought up. It has impacted my life positively. So, staying scandal-free is not a problem to me. Some stars deliberately create scandals to make themselves outstanding. A star does not need all that to be outstanding. The school of thought which says guys who participate in beauty pageants are vain only reflects the mediocrity of the mind. The showbiz world is full of razzmatazz and glitterati. That is the demand of the profession. While bankers are known for his trousers and suit, the doctors for their stethoscopes, carpenters for their nails and hammer, showbiz is purely razzmatazz that requires a bit of show-off and looking good all the time is the norm,” he said.
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