Conscious singer, Tosin Martins, has stated that it has been very challenging for him in trying to release his album because he could not draw inspiration on time to make the kind of music he wants to dish out. According to him, the expectation of people on an artiste is always high that sometimes getting the album out is a problem likewise the recording aspect. “The challenge is I had to do so many things like putting out albums and at the same time, people are expecting you to come around and do concerts, travel to promote projects you already have, and the process of recording another album can take so much time, especially when you have to feature other artistes, you have to work with their time. In some other cases, you have to wait to get inspired to make sure you are delivering on a genuine level,” he said. Defending his style of music which is a mix of secular and gospel music, Tosin explained that what matters most in his songs are the messages he is sending out there and what impart it is making. “I don’t think they are contrasting which is the message I am putting out there. In fact, a secular environment presents you the opportunity to influence other people with the ideals and values of our faith,” he stated. your social media marketing partner