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Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade has joined her voice with some celebrities to call on eligible voters to shun election violence to help in a smooth transition of democracy in the country. According to the actress, she is worried about the outcome of the forth coming general elections in March, 2015 as the politicians in the various political parties have caused various divisions among themselves. She noted that elections will come and go but what matters most is how strong and united the citizens will be adding that it is not just having the permanent voters card that matters but ability to decide who governs. She wrote thus; To say I am not worried about the outcome of the elections would be a lie. The conduct of politicians across the divide has been less than encouraging. Sigh. We also encourage them as well - with our bitterness and intolerance and this is quite worrisome. We owe it to Nigeria to resist the urge to see one another as enemies. We must not create artificial divides. We stand or fall as one nation, and so regardless of the temptations, don't give in to electoral violence. Elections will come and go. We will be here to face the reality of Nigeria. We need development. Serious one. It is not enough to have a PVC. go out and vote.
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