Yoruba actress, Bose Alao has revealed how her husband, Rasaq Omotoyosi, was duped by some fraudster when he tried to get in touch with her after watching her on television. The actress said her Béninoise husband, before getting to know her at all, had watched her in a movie and developed interest in her. She stated that after the Benin Republic footballer got in touch with some people, who told him that she ordered them to only release her phone number to him when he parts with some money. Bose said the hoodlums capitalised on her husband’s desperation to contact her to dupe him. She said, "To tell you the truth, my husband first saw me on TV and he started looking for my number and he reached out to the few people he knew to get my contact. "These set of characters lied to him that I wanted money before releasing my number and he gave them money to the tune of some good millions, yet they gave him fake numbers." Bose said it took the stroke of luck for her to be connected to her husband's friends, who eventually linked them together and today, the rest is history.
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