Nollywood actor, Diamond Oke¬chi aka Alobam, has joined the league of actors who have declined any intentions of settling down with their female colleagues in the industry. According to Desmond, picking an actress as a wife will not be a good idea as both parties will have to be on location all the time then the home front will be affected as no one will be around to manage it. In his words, “I cannot marry an actress because I can’t be on location while my wife is also shooting on another location. How do we manage the home front? So, I will marry from outside the movie industry. That is the road to a sustainable marriage.” Speaking about his romantic role in the movie, ‘Boarding House Students,’ said that he had to make the romance look real because he needed to fall into the character and leave the viewers imagining. “I didn’t only kiss the girls but also passed all the saliva in my mouth to them (laughter). But let me remind you that it is a make-belief industry, so I kiss to depict the character and leave viewers to their imagination and nothing more,” he told sun newspaper. your social media marketing partner