Singer, Ashionye Racaah, has revealed that she is taking a break from the world of music to concentrate on her movie interpretation and production skills. When replying questions from Leadership, the singer said she was not leaving music like most of her colleagues are doing but that she is exploring herself in the different ways she can. She said, "But I have not left music. What I did was take a break from music. I am in love with movies at the moment: script-writing, producing and acing. I am not into directing yet. "I never gave up on music. Music is my passion and religion, after Christianity. Music is second nature to me. It’s like I breathe music, eat music and drink music." Click:Elected governors and task of reversing economic tide Speaking on her plans to become a better movie producer, the mother of one said, "I actually did an online course which also introduced me to script writing. I intend to go further by attending a movie school to study a directing course." Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner