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With the constant news of artistes in Nigeria having issues with their record labels thereby breaching the contract they had signed with the label, one begins to imagine who really is at fault and sometimes the record label keeps silent over the matter. Chocolate City gospel singer, Nosa, has stated that there are no record labels in Nigeria but production houses. The singer boasted that only Cho City is the only label he can actually call a label because of the structure put in place in terms of artiste development. He stated that the industry only favours people that have money because they will have to push their songs to the height they want. According to him, “We have production houses in Nigeria. For me, I think Chocolate City is the only record label in Nigeria, in terms of structure, artiste development, in terms of doing the business the way it should be done because the industry in Nigeria is very epileptic, it is structureless and it favours those with money. So I think there is only one label in Nigeria and that is Chocolate City.”
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