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Popular singer, MC Galaxy, is now a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry and gradually gaining global attention as he continues to update his creative ability in the studio. Known for his dance moves in Iyanya’s hit song, ‘Kukere,’ and moving on to release his song, ‘Sekem,’ MC Galaxy, has really proven that he is good when it comes to entertainment. Recalling how things were tough for him while attempting stardom, the singer explained that he wants people to be touched by his story as he was being paid N2000 and he will have to sleep at the club since he could not pay his transport fare back home. “I remember when I used to perform at a comedy club; I was usually paid N2,000 and would sleep in the club till the next day because I had little for transport fare. By the grace of God, I have become very busy now,” he told Vanguard. Speaking about his dance steps, the singer explained that he tries to create his own dance moves and after the ‘Kukere’ video, he decided to do his own dance to promote himself noting that he has done enough to dance for others. “After Kukere, I usually dance Skelewu and I created the Sekem dance from the comedy club. The dance started trending from there. I decided to take it further by using it in my song. I had created dance steps for other people, so I decided to create mine. Sekem in my local dialect means shift there .It is actually called Sekemi. I omitted the “I” and renamed it Sekem”.
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