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When youthful Emmanuel Ahor Omini, otherwise known as Headmaster, started his professional career as an actor, singer and comedian some years back, little did he know that he is going to face a big challenge from female fans. Barely few years after coming into the make believe industry, Headmaster broke all barriers, appearing in a couple of movies, expanding his fan base, most of whom are ladies. Headmaster, who is often referred to as a ladies’ man, confessed to nigeriafilms.com that most of his fans are ladies, but he has been handling them properly. “I know when to draw the line between my profession and private life. I also try to know the difference between my fans and friends, so coping with my female fans has not really been a big challenge, though some of them can be tough at times,” he revealed. The Cross River State-born dude started his acting career from the nursery school, then later in church where he has played lead characters in some Bible stories, but he started professionally in 2005 with the movie, Frantic. He later did Trice Show, a soap opera. nigeriafilms.com gathered that the crossover actor, who also released a musical single titled Forward March, is currently working on his sophomore album. He is also among the fast-rising comedians and comperes, as he has handled a lot of high society.
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