Chinwe Isaac is one of the hottest rising actresses in Nollywood. Just three years old in the industry, she’s already matching strength with A-list actresses. Recently, she featured in “Destitute’, a yet to be released trilogy movies from the stable of Diamond Pictures, where she played the female lead role, thus proving to everyone that she holds a lot of promises in the movie industry. In this encounter, the Owerri, Imo state-born actress, shares her dream and ambitions. Enjoy. Feeling fulfilled I’ve spent only three years in the industry, having joined in 2008. And since then, I have been working. I’m sure I’d make my mark soon. In the last three years , I have starred in a couple of movies and I’m sure I didn’t disappoint my fans. Recently, I starred in ‘Destitute’ a trilogy movies from the stable of Diamond Pictures, where I played my first major role. My feature is bright in the industry. <Relocation I was formerly based in Owerri, Imo State and that where I’m registered with the state chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). But I had to relocate to Lagos, after I was offered admission to study Political Science at the Lagos State University. But before then, I’m a holder of a National Diploma in Music from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. And at the moment, I’m a 300 level part time student of LASU. Combining education with acting I’m engaged in acting on part time at the moment. My studies rarely disturb my acting career, because I go to school only on weekends. The rest of the week, I spend on location. Right now, I have two new movies that will soon hit the market. Of the two new movies, I produce one. Playing the role of a raped girl in Destitute It was horrible and yet a very challenging experience. I had to do everything possible to interpret the role. First, I had to face the challenge of getting ‘killed ‘ by an angry mob, for throwing away my new born baby into a heap of refuse. I visited destitute centers in Lagos, to under study their characters. While at the centres, I gave out to the destitutes some gift items and then studied their behaviors. I also visited the beggars on the street and thereafter, I went home to put my experience into practice. Passion for acting It started from my childhood, while I was growing up. As a child, I used to watch some of the female stars on screens. And each time I watched them, I knew I possessed the talent to adorn the screen. I continued nursing the ambition until the day one of my friends advised that I register as a member of AGN. That’s my story. I also remember that as a child, I was always given major roles to play during school dramas. And each time, I played those roles, the audience never failed to appreciate the little impact I made in their lives. Something in me, kept urging me to develop my acting talent. Coincidentally, my Dad and my Mum were also into acting. They used to act in our local Church drama group. They have been very supportive. Challenges It was not really easy. In the early days, I’d go for auditions and not get roles. It was frustrating, but I never gave up my desire to actualize my dreams. I kept trying and sometimes, I’d not have the transport fee to attend auditions. This continued until I finally got a role in the Diamond Pictures’ produced soap-opera titled, ‘Tarima.” It was a two-episode soap and I was paid N5000 for featuring in the two-episode. It was big money for me, because I’d never been paid for my acting roles. For instance, I featured in “Tomorrow must Wait,” but was not paid by the producer up till today. These are some of the challenges that confronts an upcoming actress. The road to stardom Whatever you do today to achieve fame, will definitely come back to you when you become a star. I joined Nollywood in 2008, but I didn’t start working until 2009. I waited until it was my turn to shine. I got the female lead role in “Destitute” because the producers believed in me. Everything in life comes one a step at a time. Describing myself I’m an easy-going, calm and down-to earth girl. I take things the way they come to me. I take things easy, and believe in God. I ‘m never in a hurry to get to the top knowing that my time will come. Passes and advances from the opposite sex It’s not really easy. But most of the time, I try to ignore such passes. Once you are in the movie industry and you are beautiful, you are bound to be in the eyes of men, especially those who live abroad. They disturb you ceaselessly but I ignore their advances because I know that they are not coming to me with good intention. Ambition I want to see myself as a graduate of Political Science, a role model and a face to reckon with in Nollywood. Also, I want to get married when the right person comes into my life. That is not to say that I am not in a relationship. your social media marketing partner