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For all the men who love girls with big round buttocks, this may be bad news to you because Nigerian ladies who have flat buttocks and zero hips have found a way out. Recently, Nigerian ladies have started going crazy for anything that will make their buttocks and hips get bigger. Some go for buttocks enlarging tablets which they have nick-named “Yodi” but some ladies who are scared of the risk of having the tablet working excessively and increasing other body parts go for “Artificial buttocks. Just like bras have pads, special pants and shorts have been designed for ladies with flat or flabby buttocks, it enables her have this robust looking buttocks. The special underpants have soft fabric and reinforced elastic band that lift, support and make the buttocks increase in a drastic way. Even if you touch the wearer's buttocks, you will never mistake it for an artificial one. The only bad news is that once she takes the jeans off, then the buttocks goes off. For guys out there who love to chase “big buttocks ladies” be careful because you might be falling in love with the lady with an artificial buttocks! For the ladies who have flat buttocks and have been looking for a way out, good luck to you and for men who love to chase after big buttocks ladies, sorry! For the past few months, sellers of the “Special Product” in Lagos have been smiling to the bank. Click the link below to go to ... British-Born Nigerian Claudia Aderotimi dies after butt enhancement surgery
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