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After months of speculation about the romance between Lagos businessman,Charles Ahize and his girlfriend,Maureen Emenalum,Charles has married Maureen,traditionally. Months after the news of their romance,many of his friends were pleasantly surprised to receive a text from auto dealer that reads; You are cordially invited to the traditional wedding ceremony of Maureen Emenalum and Charles Ahize on the 10th of September at Umuopara Ugiri,Isiala Mbano,LGA,Imo State. He told all his friends members to take the text as a formal invitation just in case the real I.V doesn’t get to them. And trust all the big boys both in Lagos and Abuja,Imo State was the place to be last Saturday to honour Chief Charles Ugochukwu Ahize,the Obigbo leader. This Nweze Nnachi,Orlu LGA,Imo State born international businessman-cum-lawyer is the founder of the famous Pan Igbo Socio-Political Group,Obigbo,which he founded many years ago. The group was formed to fight for the political and socio-development of the Igbo race. He and Maureen have dated now for close to a year.He met Maureen after he broke up with ex-wife. click the link below to go to... CO-OWNER OF TRIBECA NITE CLUB,CHARLES AHIZE FINDS NEW LOVE.
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