Lady of Songs,Xty Essien-Igbokwe’s burial ceremony has come and gone but there are still inside stories that are worth revealing to the public. One of them is how two showbiz top women Clarion Chukwura and Onyeka Onwenu,who struggled day and night to ensure that their late colleague will be given a befitting burial,shunned her final funeral rites. It was not hidden to people who were present during the burial at Awka,Anambra State that popular female singer cum actress,Onyeka Onwenu a.k.a Elegant Stallion and beautiful Nollywood actress Clarion Chukwura did not attend the burial. As resourceful members of the burial committee,their absence registered in the minds of guests as they played very important roles and contributed their quota to ensure that demised friend and colleague will be laid to rest like a president. While this was applauded by observers,it became a thing of serious concern when they were nowhere to be found at Awka,and this led to argument among other members of the committee who started searching for them at the Airport. The two showbiz women eventually were not present when they gathered at Igbokwe’s compound for the final funeral service. According to the source,Chief Tony Okoroji was asking everybody if they had by any mistake seen the two women in the compound.Although Onwenu and Chukwura have remained mute over the issue,insiders revealed that various reasons were responsible for their action. According to the source,unscrupulous individuals circulated text messages to organizers of the burial few days to the main event,warning them to stay away from the funeral that will hold at Awka.They were said to have compiled a frightening message that was predicting the crash of Associate Airlines,the chartered aircraft that took the corpse,Igbokwe family and other notable individuals to Enugu State,before joining Anambra State L.O.C to Awka. Reason being that the airline was not well maintained and trusted to fly on air.It was further revealed to us,that a member of the committee,who was given the assignment to get an aircraft for the team and Igbokwe family,gulped down better part of it and went for a cheaper airline. As gathered,Bisi Olatilo,the CEO of BOSTV we hear,is among those who got the message but disregarded it. Onwenu and Chukwura equally got the message and decided to heed to the warning and stay back. Others insiders revealed that Elegant Staliion and Chukwura who were avoiding each other all through the activities that took place in Lagos State over their loggerheads of many months,must have decided to avoid each other completely and stay away from the burial as it was another avenue that would have brought them together in one hotel. According to the insider source,the two women who avoided each other like a plaque,engaged in verbal war anytime they had any contact during the committee meetings. They never supported each other’s suggestions,and left no stone unturned to show their disagreement.To avoid further encounter at Anambra State and probably a disgrace in front of all Eastern and South East top politician who will gathered for the burial each of them decided to stay behind,which evidently resulted to their absence. your social media marketing partner