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She is one of the most happening babes in Nigerian music industry and is rated among the richest female singers in the country. This light skin singer who hails from the Western part of Nigeria has been linked with a top male TV producer cum presenter who has made millions from his program that covers Nigerians top celebrities in different countries of the world. The TV presenter is so rich that he was said to be the individual who donated the very first N1 million for Christy Essien Igbokwe’s burial arrangement. According to the information gathered,both showbiz personalities have been in this secret romance for over one year without any kind of exposure as they have maintained just one meeting point that makes people believe that their relationship is strictly based on business. According to the source,in many months of this relationship,the sexy female singer and dark skin TV producer turned his office to their meeting point and love garden.This is because they not only see each other regularly at the office,but also engage in amorous acts right there. This singer who prefer going pants down in a man’s office is said to have made a lot of money from her sugar daddy while the handsome middle aged man is said to enjoy mingling with younger ladies.
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