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The latest tension raised by the removal of fuel subsidy on the first day of 2012 seems not having any traces of being dowsed soon. The issue has had many stakeholders in Nollywood come out to take a stand on the matter after being labeled as a body that supported President Jonathan. Kate Henshaw has also spoken openly on the matter. While speaking on a TV programme monitored by NigeriaFilms.Com, Kate was vehement in her argument, pointing out that the government caused the present situation for itself. According to the actress whose 12 years marriage recently broke down, she asked, “What has government done for us? I just want them to pin point one thing they have done for us. “I can’s drink water from the tap, I don’t good roads to drive on, no light, no good hospitals and I am 40 years old, what do we have?” Speaking further in anger, this mother of one said, “I am holding my government accountable for my life in this country to provide me with basic amenities. Why would the President say we should live with the problem of Boko Haram? “The fuel subsidy was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. They want to take the last comfort away from us and never expected a revolt. You cannot take away from people who don’t have.” One the way the government runs it expenses, Kate Henshaw advised the government to take caution. “They need to cut down on their expenses and wastages. Nigeria does not belong to 10,000 people but 150 million people. “We need to know what they use our money for. Do they need to spend our money to do birthday parties outside Nigeria? Do they need so much money to celebrate our own independence when there are people hungry? You need to make them comfortable in their country.” Kate also pointed out that what the government needs to do is to earn the trust of the people and not force Nigerians to follow its policies with questioning from Nigerians. “What have they done with the money they have gotten from the subsidy removal of diesel and kerosene some years back? Hello, can they answer that? “What have they used the money for to make our lives better? It has disappeared in the air just like the cabals that cannot be seen, they are spirits. The government broke the table of discussion and dialogue with the people. “I watch how old people who have served the country suffer to get what belongs to them will the money they get from the subsidy removal suddenly provide all the things that we need?” Kate concluded. © 2012 Nigeriafilms.com. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without the express written consent of the publisher
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