Can you believe that a man could be carried away by a lady’s beauty and lose his sense of reasoning by using the money he was sent to buy a coffin by a bereaved family is to imagine the least. The man,said to have taken off from his Issele-Asagba-base near Asaba to buy a casket in the state capital was throw into indescribable lust on setting his eyes on an Asaba-based Nollywood actress,whose beauty,according to him,he could not resist. The young man,a panel beater later invited the actress to a nearby hotel. In the hotel room where they later ended up,the man was forced into reckless spending,even to the point of buying drinks for people they met there. According to the man, that joy that I was with a popular actress and perhaps being winked at and given the thumbs up by the boys I bought drinks for going out with such a big babes made me go into uncontrolled spending.Before I knew what was happening almost half of the amount of money had been spent Unknown to the young lover,the actress later sneaked out of the hotel on the pretence that she was going to answer to the cell of nature,after she had removed the last money from the young man who was drunk. The young man,is now being dragged by the children of the deceased,some of who are based in Lagos and Ibadan,to give them the money or face Police action. your social media marketing partner