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These days, many churches in Abuja city centre have resorted to subjecting their members and worshippers to thorough security checks before they are allowed to gain access into the church premises, all because of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram.... Nigerians, how did we get here? So everybody going to church is now a suspect? It is well! Click the link below to go to... 'Booticious' Toolz Engaged? I Wish I’d Never Had Revenge Sex Failed Marriages Fallout: Christians Blast Pastor Okotie Baba Ijesha To Marry Samsung Big Babe Okotie's Crashed Marriage: Celebrities React Sanyeri, Ambali Once Beaten For Stealing Who Wore It Better? Omotola or Zizi Cardow See Clip From The Latest Disaster In Lagos Pastor runs mad while praying for mad man in Ibadan
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