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This year alone, there are more than six marriage break in an industry that we have just a few married couples. One of the actors and movie producers in Nollywood, Gbenga Oyeyiga’s marriage to her banker wife, Lolade, we learnt, has collapsed irreconcilably. The marriage of just few years has ended after he allegedly beat her so badly she ended up in hospital and stayed there for three weeks in January 2013. According to close friends of Lolade, the January beating was not the first time as he had battered her severally in the past, but it was the last straw that eventually broke the camel hunch. Then she got him arrested and wanted the case charged to court for trial for wife battery etc, Gbenga pleaded with his wife to tender justice with mercy and the woman later dropped the case and only moved out of her matrimonial home with her only child to Gbenga.
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