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The movie maker and top Nollywood practitioner, Zeb Ejiro has thumbed up Goodluck Jonathan's regime as the best. He said the president is the first ever president the country ever had. Zeb who recently spoke well of the good works of Mr. President is said to be one of GEJ's foot soldier in the next political dispensation in 2015. This commendation and salutation about His Excellency by the Nollywood czar has become a top subject of discussion amongst the top players in Nollywood as they see an act of sycophancy in his action. Doing the celebration of Nigeria’s 53rd independence October 1, 2013, the director said "Goodluck Jonathan is the best president Nigeria has ever had, but Nigerians haven't seen this fact ,they believe that he's a bad leader. I don’t think there’s any problem in Nigeria. Jonathan is doing well. He is the best president ever." Nigeria gained her independence from British rule in 1960 and has since being struggling with crippling economic problems. According to Mrs. Jude joy ' But in this process Nigeria is not moving forward, still struggling with life ,No job in the country for people to work .we don't need to celebrate anything because the country is not going higher. Do you think that is the best president we ever had. © 2013 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... Queeneth Hilbert, The Most Beautiful Actress in Nigeria “My Eyes Are Very Controversial” – Actress, Omoni Oboli VIDEO AND OFFICIAL STATEMENT BY OVERCORMERS CHURCH REGARDING DISRUPTED WEDDING IN CHURCH Samson Nnogo Of Olori Oko Group Weds [PICTURES] VIDEO: Prophet T.B. Predicts Boston, Massachusetts USA Bombing Nollywood Producer, Blessing Egbe Gets Baby Boy What Is Wrong With these Photos?
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