Imagine what men in black have turned the face of force into! Before now, Police commands respect in public but today, they are the ones who have mingled with the criminals and lost their sanity to the dog. Recently, Lagos PPRO, Ngozi blaise was said to have ordered a civilian to be tortured for using his mobile device to record some nasty acts of the Police. With this picture, you'll agree with me that they are the lawless human beings in Nigeria. 'Don't Urinate Here' yet he's doing that without any remorse for his action. © 2013 Click the link below to go to... Nollywood Stars Who Have Delved Into Politics New Trend: Upcoming Actors In Nigeria Now Pay Nollywood Producers To Feature In Movies Flavour Moves Into Lekki Home Yvonne Okoro: Our Culture Does Not Allow Topics Like S&x And N^dity Kenny Ogungbe and Kenny Saint Best Loses Mother To The Cold Hands Of Death Limpopo Kcee Goes Back To Old Love, Ebube Nwagbo After Marriage Breakdown? Meet Mercy Johnson's Look-Alike your social media marketing partner