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After several speculations regarding her love life, popular Yoruba actress, Liz Anjorin has finally started plans of settling down with a man. The pretty actress has been romantically linked with some men in the past. Not too long ago, she converted from Christianity to Islam, which some said was to please her alleged new lover, who rumour mongers claimed could be a rich ‘Alhaji’. Liz Anjorin later reacted to the rumour and stated that her decision to switch religion was basically informed by her personal conviction. She recently told Encomium Magazine that she would be getting married soon. Speaking on her chieftaincy title as the ‘Yeye Oge of Arepoland,’ the actress expressed happiness for being bestowed with the honour. She further said despite that, she still bows to people, which is against the tradition. In her words, “At the end, I think I loved it because as a chief, you are not meant to bend for any other chief except the king. But in my own case, I did otherwise because it is in me that is how I behave to everyone.” Commenting on allegations that her worker robbed her, Liz Anjorin said she does not regret closing down the shop because she stands to lose nothing.© 2014Nigeriafilms.com
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