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They call him ELDee the Don because the hip-hop artiste, Lanre Dabiri, has made some remarkable contributions to the growth of the Nigerian music industry. However, there were speculations lately that the singer had quit music to start up another career, but according to him, he never did, but only took time out to cater for his family. “I did not quit music; I evolved from being a complainer to a solution provider. The reason why I was away from the music scene and travelled out of the country was because I needed to take some time off so that I could spend some time with my family. “I had not been with my family for years and I felt they deserved my time. I have young girls and I have to be there for my kids and that supersedes any kind of passion that I have. That is part of the reasons I took some time off. “I also used the opportunity to work on my new project, Play data, where artistes can track how frequently their works are being used. I did not relocate to America, I am back in Nigeria and my house is still there,” he told Punch in an interview. The singer, who announced that he might be done with child bearing, said that he has no regret having only female children. Click: Xenophobic attacks: S/Africa pledges good ties with Nigeria despite envoys’ recall “I am not paranoid that I have two lovely female children. I feel that every parent needs to treat their children with care regardless if they are male or female. If you give them the right training and support system, they would be okay. So you would not be afraid of boys chasing your daughters. My daughters are beautiful and I show them off all the time. “They are my pride and joy and I have absolutely no regrets having girls. I am probably going to stop at the two girls and maybe never have a son. For me, they are children, my children and I love them a lot. I am proud of them,” ELDee said. Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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