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The sourness in friendship between friends of Nollywood industry, Ghanaian thespians, John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson is seriously heated up as John Dumelo has revealed shocking facts that were never mentioned by his name-calling supposed friend. Yvonne Nelson had flooded John with the description of being an *ss licker when she revealed that he did not support her campaign against the Ghanaian government for doing nothing about the country's erratic power supply tagged, '#dumsormuststop. Now John Dumelo has spoken up about the side of the story that his 'friend' never mentioned to the public. He said Yvonne had called him several times probably in the quest to insult him. He also expressed his shock that she had deleted pictures of himself from her social media account. He said, "It is just amazing how some people want to look good in the public eye and make others look like they are the the bad ones. Shaking my head. I would never go on social media and insult any colleague of mine let alone insult a good friend all in the name of looking good in public. READ ALSO: Soyinka warns against FRSC, police merger "Then behind the scenes you keep calling me on my phone, for what if I may ask? To insult me the more? Or to ridicule me in front of everyone?" He advised her to be wary of the people who are currently supporting her movement, that they may likely stab her at the slightest opportunity. Her colleagues, rapper Sarkodie, Van Viker, Prince David Osei are among those that are supporting this movement. "You called me a kiss ass, that's cool. Maybe it's better to kiss ass than to keep friends who will stab me in the back. I have kept mute for weeks now but charley dey bore. When your paddy paaaa wey you den am dey do things together insult you for public, God dey. "I hear our pictures have been deleted from Instagrarm. Why do you just go ahead and block me just like you block fans for speaking their mind," he added. Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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