Youruba movie actor, Funke Etti, has become a popular face in Nollywood as she has acted in many films including producing her own movie some years ago. But she has revealed that times have changed. The actor confessed that the effect of piracy has made the marketers in the industry to 'use and dump' talents in the industry without batting any eyelid. She said, "Marketers use and dump people. You see an actor today being showcased and enjoying the patronage of movie marketers and after a while the person is dumped whether she is good or not. "The cinema industry is scary now. That is one of the reasons most celebrities are into other things. We invest our money into other passions that will bring money to us other than producing movies." She recounted her hurt encounter after the production of her movie, "Piracy is the major problem with our industry. I spent N2.8 million on my movie Owu- Iya, I could only get N1.5 million back. It’s so sad. Piracy has really eaten deep into the industry and it is not getting better." She disclosed other effects of piracy, "We used to receive between N150, 000 to 200,000 before for a movie but things have changed. Now actors and actresses get between 40,000 and 50,000 naira per movie which is ridiculous. That is what the Yoruba movie industry has turned your social media marketing partner