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Fibroid is a non-cancerous tumour that grows from the muscle layers of the uterus (womb).It affects at least 20% of women during their life. Women between ages 30 and 50 are most likely to develop fibroid, overweight and obese women are at significantly higher risk of developing fibroids, compared to women of normal weight. Toyin Lawani, a popular Nigerian fashion designer, recently survived a surgery to remove fibroid. She shared the pains she went through during the period. She narrated that it all started when she had her first girl, Tiannah, during her pregnancy stage. Toyin said three years after she had her baby, she was always having stomach pain and heavy bleeding through her menstrual cycle. The fashion icon said she met her gynaecologist, who told her she had three small fibroid in her womb and she decided to go for a surgery. According to her, the doctor advised her to have another baby before going under the knife because she could lose her womb. After four months, she found out she was pregnant again but was still bleeding due to the fibroid, which affected the growth of the baby. Toyin said she thought she would lose the baby, but she had the baby, not after going through severe pains for about seven months. She narrated further that there was a time she was rushed to a nearby Lebanese hospital because there was no time to fly her out. A surgery was performed on her and the three fibroid were removed while her womb was intact. She said, “I thank God for my life and my family for standing by me on my sick bed." Toyin advised ladies to always go for medical check-ups.
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