Rose Odika is an actress in the Yoruba section of Nollywood. She spoke about other things she’s into apart from acting. Excerpts As the deputy governor of the Association of National Theatre Practitioners of Nigeria (ANTP) Oyo State chapter, what are your contributions towards the uplift of the association in the state? To God be the glory, we have done quite well. We organised the first ever international film festival, which was held last year, in Oyo State. We also organised the international dance film, which was very sucessful. We also did the ANTP children’s day. And by God’s grace, all these programmes will be organised this year and we are hoping to add colour and glamour to this year’s programmes. We have also opened a website for the association in the state, though, this might sound funny, but it has never happened before. What are the things you have for your fans this year? A film will be coming out during the Easter period from my stable, entitled: “Enu Eje.” It is a very interesting film, also I will be releasing a cultural film as well. What other things do you do apart from acting? I am into cosmetics. I make people look good and before the year runs out, I will be launching and unveiling my skin care products. When we came in earlier, you were holding a meeting with a group of people. What was the meeting about? People might have been wondering why I have frequently travelled abroad in recent times. The trips were about the Nigeria cultural festival that normally takes place in London. I am one of their representatives in Nigeria. The idea behind this festival is to showcase our cultural heritage to the outside world. Are you saying that we will be having the Nigerian version of it? No, the carnival is always held in London during Summer, specifIcally in July. It is an annual thing and when I advised them that if the carnival was about the Nigerian culture, then people, government and corporate organisations in Nigeria, should have adequate knowledge of it. So, we decided to give it the publicity it deserves. We want individuals, groups and corporate organisations to come into partnership with us, so as to give it the status it deserves, because the carnival gulps money. How financially rewarding is acting? That word is relative, in the sense that to some people, it is, to some, it is not. But in my own opinion, acting is a financially rewarding profession, provided that the person is hardworking and creative. How do you handle pressure from men? Like I said, I take things easy. Yes, there are lots of men on my neck. But I don’t date two men at the same time. And I only date if there is a gap for it, that is, when I am still dating a man, I politely tell them why I can’t go out with them. Some of them really like it and they appreciate me that way. What advice do you have for upcoming actresses on how to stay away from scandals? I will advise them to look before they leap and they should know that all that glitters is not gold. As a woman, they should know that the more they sleep with men, the more they lose their glories, though, this is spiritual. I have been there and I know what I am talking about. It is good to have money, but it is better if a woman uses her God-given brain to get it than using her body. There are some men that once you sleep with them, things will take a downward turn for that woman, and there are some that may not happen that way. your social media marketing partner