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WOULD you still have considered acting as a profession if you were not born by Jide Kosoko? I will say yes, because not every actor and actress has the opportunity of being born into a “theatrical home”, there are several actors and actresses whose fathers and mothers know nothing about acting; yet, they are still doing great in the industry and we have seen many children born by stakeholders in the industry who never considered acting as a career or profession. So, If I was born by just anybody on the street, I believe I would still have considered acting as a profession. Will it be wrong to say every member of your family wants to be an actor because of your father… In our house nobody intimidates anyone to do anything. Whatever you believe is good for you would be supported in as much as it is legal and reasonable. So, if I had decided to study accounting, I am sure my dad would have consented because he knows that I will be fine there. When I told him I wanted to study theatre arts, he was not over excited because I have many elderly ones in the family who were already towing his path, so there was nothing special treading my father’s path. But I always try to be courteous and polite with them because I know the importance of fans. Some tell me they love me, others call to encourage me. Some correct me, while many castigate me. I’m always elated when I receive most texts message, but the truth is, they could very disturbing sometimes. How do you manage advances from opposite sex? I have been handling it the way any mature lady would. It is a free world and everyone has the right to make amorous moves towards an opposite sex when expressing one’s feeling. I always try to be friendly about it. I do appreciate those who show interest in me because I believe they must have liked me before proposing an affair. I try to tell them I appreciate and understand the feelings, but I am not ready for any affair now. I am still a student and I don’t want to get myself distracted with love affairs. Are you saying you don’t have a boyfriend? I am still a young girl and I have many male friends and admirers, but I am not going out with anyone of them. Just mere platonic friendship. What about those in the industry who always demand to have a “crush” before giving a role? I cannot deny the existence of such in the industry, but the truth is that it has never happened to me and I don’t think it can ever happen to me because I am not desperate to become a star overnight, I believe it is a due process which would come after my hard work and diligence. The truth is that no actress will ever tell you she sleeps with someone to get a role, but we hear that it happens. But it cannot happen to me. I don’t need to sleep around before getting roles. Why can’t it happen to you? Is it because of your father’s influence? Not really because of my father’s influence but because of the way I comport myself. I know the importance of packaging myself, I know I will be addressed the way I dress and I will be approached the way I present myself. Among several roles you have played in movies, which one is most challenging? Sincerely speaking, I will say ‘Kori Koto’. It is Adebayo Tijani’s latest movie, the movie is yet to be released now; I acted amidst about 200 kids. It was not easy. In case you decide to leave the industry now, what would you veered into? Why would I decide to quit in the first instance. This is my future and my life. I always tell myself that I have not started not talking about quitting. Acting is a career that has no retiring age. Every actor would always have a role to play irrespective of hisher age. In fact, I have not made any landmark achievement in the industry, how many awards have I won that I will be thinking of quitting. How fashionable are you? I know I have a good dress-sense. Though I am not a fashion-freak, but I love to dress cute and trendy. What is your take on nudity? It is rubbish. I am an African lady and I hope to settle down some day with a man of my dream. I can’t afford to let some roles I had played in the past haunt me later in life. And moreover, I come from a good home and we are well brought up. That means the only reason you cannot consider acting nude is because of marriage? The truth of the matter is that as a professional, you should not have any boundary. But as an African lady, who was brought up and nurtured in a cultured environment that detests shameful acts, I do set boundary for myself. I always tell myself that there are so many things I must not do, not even for professionalism. One of my dreams is to have a blissful home and raise wonderful kids. So, I can never be fulfilled without having a family. But the nature of your job offers some alibi to these moral values you are holding on to That does not matter. The fact that people hide under the umbrella of career to indulge in promiscuity does not justify the vice. If you are doing a wrong thing, your conscience will tell you. So even if I decide to marry a white guy, who would not care about my past escapades, what about God, my family and my unborn children who could see those clips in future? It is not worth it. Are you now saying your career does not matter to you? I am typical African lady, I believe in marriage institution as ordained by God, I value my future home more than my career. I have been in the industry for years; I know what is obtainable therein. But I’d prefer to have my career blossoming and my home flourishing. Can you describe Abidemi Kosoko I am young actress born in Lagos by veteran actor, Jide Kosoko, my mother is late and I am currently studying Theatre Arts at Lagos State University. I love straightforward people while I hate people who pretend. I believe one day, people would stand up to give a loudest ovation because of my performance in the industry
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