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The waka music boss, queen salawa Abeni is veteran in yoruba music genre championing the promotion of waka music. The self acclaimed waka music modernizer was prominent on the music scene some years ago but due to the current trend in Nigeria music, the waka music topmost is experiencing a set back. Her skills to compose good music earned her multitude of fans nationwide and during her reign, no social functions were completed without the touches of salawa abeni’s electrifying beats especially in the circle of ‘owambes’. The award winning super star clocks 50yrs some weeks ago and she made it a grand style for her friends, families and well-wishers. In her remark, she said she will forever remain grateful to God because this has been the age she had waited for in her life. Recounting on life experiences in the last fifty years, ibiwunmi fondly called by self lamented that it has been a lots of challenges. ‘I was once rumoured to be suffering from stroke It was a lie’. Although, i was sick but it was never a stroke issue. The makeeba of Nigeria music, salawa abeni claimed that she was diagnosed of stress as a result of too much of thinking and she had being advised to stop such act. She lamented that she will remain thinking of her dead son because since she lost her son, life has not be the same for the music star. Based on life experience, queen salawa abeni commented that men were not fair to her because she was used and dumped.She accused the fuji star general kollington ayinla for his failure on the responsibilities of their children. she tagged him a worse thing that ever happened to her. The sonorous waka singer was quoted as saying Kollington Ayinla is a worse because i am the only on taking care of the three children even up to the university level through whatever i made from music.
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