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Ireti Osayemi joined the movie industry in 1999 via the English genre of the industry but later decided to pitch her tent with the Yoruba movie genre where she has been making waves until marriage and motherhood set in. When she came on board the Yoruba movie industry,Ireti Osayemi was an item not only because she is good at what she does but also for her natural beauty and endowment. Along the line motherhood came her way via her marriage to former Super Story Production Manager and later associate producer,Bakare Adeoye,who was once married but had gone his separate ways with his former wife who had two sons for him. Ireti had her first child for Bakky Adeoye in November 2007 while they got married officially in 2008. Before her marriage,Ireti was hot with producers chasing her with scripts. She also got to feature in Wale Adenuga’s super stories. All these some people believed, were courtesy her husband,Bakky Adeoye.Either way, she played those roles convincingly. Though before her marriage,Ireti has shown the tendency to get fat but many never expected what they got after she had her first child. While some of her fans were still complaining, she got pregnant the second time and had a baby girl in 2009 and Ireti bloated in size so big that if not for the fact that she is tall, her plus size would have been a disaster to her acting career. Her excellent performance in Funke Akindele’s movie,Jenifa,was also not nourished because of marriage and motherhood. But all these seem to be a thing of the past as Ireti Osayemi is back and better such that she won Afro Hollywood Award as the Best Yoruba Actress last year. In her staging a come back, she played a lead in her husband’s movie,Aramotu which gave her the award. Also in other movies,Ireti has shown the new crop of actresses that she is better and still hot. Among the movies she has featured in since staging a come back are Omo Ghetto,Kini Koko,Sandra,Oyinimofe,Ariwo Oja among others.
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