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Ace actress,Toyin Adegbola a.k.a Asewo To Re Mecca is in the news again.This time,we learnt the radiant actress has been receiving several applications from young dudes who think they can still date the woman despite her old age. Though,her husband is late and many wonder how she has been coping with three children studying abroad without support from men who find interest in dating widows. Judging with her mode of dressing and her stage name,Asewo To Re Mecca,one can easily conclude if she dates so many men in order to take care of her children but the reverse was the case when we met her. We were surprised when the lady of style told us that she also gets advances from young guys who are being deceived with her young look saying “ It has not been easy since the demise of my husband but I thank God for his heavenly mercy. As per young guys that also come to woo me,I know how to handle them whenever they come across me.I make sure I handle them in a way that,they will not feel rejected but understand that I’m older than them” she concluded.
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