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Anuoluwapo Oriyomi Sosanya is one of the fast-rising actresses in the Yoruba section of Nollywood and in this interview with ADUNOLA FASUYI, she speaks on the movie industry and many more. Excerpts: Can you tell us about yourself? Currently, I am a student of Lagos State University (LASU), studying Marketing. The last girl of a family of five, I was born on the 11th of November into a Christian family of Mr. and Mrs. Sosanya from Ikenne Remo area of Ogun State. I am a strong, independent, intelligent, fun-loving and ambitious lady. I adore my friends, believes listening to people is the best form of communication. How did you start as an actress? I came into the film industry in 2004 through the Jide Kosoko training group. Afterwards, I produced my first movie entitled: Tofunmi in 2009 and I have featured in several home videos like, Okun Ore, Onire, Ejeka Fijafolorun, Imisi, Irole, Owo Eran, Ewon Lafin, Orogun Owo, Omo Ile We Wa. How would you rate the industry now and when you started? I would say that then, it was good, but now it's becoming better, better is not enough though, we are striving to get to the best level. What challenges did you face while coming up as an actress? To me I would say there were no challenges apart from finance, like they always say that if you can't beat them, you join them. How many movies have you featured in and how many have you produced yourself? My first movie was produced and released in 2010.The cast included myself (the lead role), Jide Kosoko, Femi Adebayo, Sola Kosoko, Dupe Jaiyesimi, among others. I have also featured in some movies such as: Okun Ore, Onire, Ejeka fijaFolorun, Imisi, Irole, Owo Eran, Ewon lafin, Orogun Owo, Amaromaro, Ikilo, Ikukoyi to mention a few What’s your take on marriage? To me, marriage is a life-time contract, a new beginning of life and if you know you are not ready, don't embark on it. That means you wouldn’t want to marry and later break up as is rampant in Nollywood? Oh no, its not my prayer. God ordained marriage to be a life contract between a man and a woman, that’s why it’s not for babies but mature minds. That’s why I will really take my time before venturing into it. You're beautiful, no doubt, what's your beauty regimen? Smiles. I would say, God and my parents, apart from that, yes, once in a while, spa, good food, water, fruit. How soon do you plan to get marry? That I can’t say for now, God is the owner of time. Are you in any relationship at the moment? That is also a private affair that I wouldn't like to talk about. Who's your kind of man? A man with a big heart, God-fearing, fun to be with and understanding. It’s important he understands my profession and ready to love me the way I am. If you are to choose between your love and your career which would you choose? That’s a tough one oh, however, I pray he will love me and my profession because my career is my passion, though my love and home are also vital. Who are your friends in the industry? I make friends with whoever is ready to be my friend, so I will say everybody Producing a movie is no doubt expensive. How do you source for funds to shoot your movies? God is awesome, He has been my helper. I get sponsors from my family and friends. What dictates your fashion sense? My mood. What would you personally consider as your major achievement in life? It's my projection to build a standard production company and constantly strive hard to set standards in the Nigerian film industry by making socially responsible and professional films that help build the Nigerian society and image anywhere it is being shown. But you are yet to achieve that? Don’t worry, soon I will accomplish that through the grace of God. It’s a goal and passion for me and I am seriously working towards achieving it. What other talents do you possess aside acting? I think I’m a good business person, I can do and manage a business venture very well. Besides, I am a very good listener. What are your regrets in life? I have no regret, I do things my way, not because, I’m asked to do it. What's your most embarrassing moment? I can't remember but I am not perfect. It's been a while you featured in a movie; what informs that? I am still very much around in Nollywood. I am just busy writting more stories and in some days to come, I will be on a location. What is sex to you? Waste of energy and yet its important. A wasteful and needed necessity. What parts of your body do you cherish most? My skin, my boobs and lips. Believe me I thank God for those parts of mine, they sell me like hot cake in the industry. You know in acting, you must be attractive, sexy and also intelligent in the profession. I think I’ve got these stuffs.
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