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Divorce is very rampant in the industry, what is your reaction to this? I wouldn’t say divorce is rampant in the industry; it is rampant in the world of today. That is what is going on everywhere. It is the problem of the modern day. If I am not an actress and I am not destined to have a settled home, I wont have it. If I am actress and I am destined to have a settled home, I will have it. Some people say that the nature of our job creates room for unsettled home. No, it is not so. It is because we are in the limelight. It is happening in every family. It is a naturally thing. As far as I am concerned, troubled marriage has got nothing to do with our profession. Any man that approaches me should know what I am doing and if you love me, you will love me with whatever that makes me happy. Marriage is like a contract that you are not expected to breach. If your partner is okay with you, then go on with it. How are you coping with male admirers? Talking about relationships, my brother, I have had my share of disappointments and heartbreaks. I discovered that some men just wanted to use and dump me but they didn’t know that I’ve leant my lessons, and I have learnt to move on unhurt. What turns you off? It is when people ignore me. For instance, I was in a bank recently and a lady came to hug me. I was on a queue and there is one thing about me, I don’t like raising eyebrow because as far as I am concerned, we are all equal in the presence of God. But I was there on the queue for 15 minutes and the cashier was just looking at me as if he did not know me. On getting to him, he stupidly said ‘even if you use eye shades we recognize you’ but I have been standing on the queue for more than 15 minutes and all the bank staffs pretended they didn’t know me, only to get to the counter and see them all laughing. I said ‘so you all know me and I’ve been standing there all this while’. It was embarrassing to me. Look, I use GTB and whenever I get into the banking hall, they attend to me quickly. I will even be the one to tell them to attend to other people before me, that we are all equal. Sometimes, people will meet me on the road and ask me to greet them first. It is funny to me because I don’t know who you are; it is you that knows me. You are supposed to say ‘hi’ and if I did not reply, you can then complain. If I get on the street and start greeting everybody, won’t they say I am mad? Some even abuse you that you are arrogant but I just smile on such occasions. If you are dealing with the public, there are some nuisances that you just have to ignore.
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